so organized who

You can benefit from a professional organizing service if:


You recognize that becoming organized can help relieve your daily stress. Whether you’ve struggled with a lifetime of disorganization and/or poor time management, or you’ve experienced a major event in your life; a new baby, a new career, a medical crisis, a divorce…You have a desire to change your current situation by taking control of your life.

My Ideal Client: you’re willing to commit both time and energy by acknowledging that organizing is a process, not a “quick fix”, and it may be challenging at times. Your motivation for change in your life is the key to your achievements and the “secret sauce” to the success of our partnership. You may address difficult and confusing feelings associated with your current circumstances and I provide both support and confidentiality as we work together toward reaching your goals.

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You’re aware that your current circumstances are no longer sustainable and you’re ready to discover what needs shifting and to decide which actions make sense toward creating long-term solutions. You’re looking for a partner to provide support while holding you accountable to yourself.

My Ideal Client: You’re motivated to do the necessary work to initiate and to maintain the underlying shift not only in your environment, but also within yourself.

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