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So Organized! provides both Hands-On Professional Organizing Consulting and Organizing Coaching Services:


With this service you’ll learn how to apply basic organizing concepts for creating and maintaining systems that fit your life and your space. I provide advice, support and expertise on how to meet your needs and achieve your goals. If appropriate, I’ll recommend and/or shop for products and resources that work for your budget, aesthetic and lifestyle.

What Hands-On is NOT:

  • Hands-On organizing is NOT a housekeeping/cleaning service.
  • Hands-On organizing is NOT a closet installation service; I don’t perform any installation services.

For more on how hands-on services work, click here.


so-organized-whatCoaching is a conversation either over the phone or in person and provides an opportunity for you to explore underlying issues to your organizational challenges. Coaching is a process that supports modifying behavior and I provide the space for you to discover your own strengths, use those strengths to create actions, and ultimately learn from those actions. The discoveries found here can be pivotal for you to make lasting change.

Key points about coaching:

  • Coaching allows you to explore what’s possible and then to decide what actions make sense for you to create long-term solutions
  • Coaching is a confidential, non-judgmental, supportive relationship
  • Coaching is a catalyst; being open & ready for change allows for success
  • Coaching provides new perspectives
  • Coaching can help establish criteria for decision-making
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What Coaching is NOT:

  • Coaching is NOT therapy, however, it can be therapeutic
  • Coaching is NOT one & done; It’s a process—your issues will NOT be solved in one conversation
  • Coaching is NOT a physical process; it may be done in person, but it doesn’t involve physically moving things around

For more on how coaching works, click here