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My Approach:

We’ll make two appointments:

First is the Consultation.

This will last up to one hour and you’ll show me everything that bothers you about your space, starting from what bothers you the most and working our way to what bothers you the least. I also want to know what is working for you and we’ll spend time discussing your goals for the space and for our sessions.

Second is the “Working Appointment”.

This is when we roll-up our sleeves and begin the work, which often entails pulling things apart, making decisions, and putting things back together in a way that works for you. We’ll work together for a minimum of 4 hours during which time we can make a significant difference.

If appropriate, in between the Consultation and the “Working Appointment”, I’ll shop and/or research for any products/resources that I think will help us during the “Working Appointment”. This is part of the value I provide and is included in my fee; you’re only charged additionally for the products you decide to keep. (An exception to this is if the actual organizing project is by it’s nature, a research project, and any related fees will be discussed in the initial phone call.)

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Coaching may be combined with Hands-On sessions.

My Approach:

My approach is to blend my organizing expertise and my coaching training in our coaching sessions so I can support, advise and guide you while we explore the underlying issues to your organizational challenges. Together, we create awareness that informs your actions, strategies and ultimately solutions to help your life run more smoothly. The learning in this process can be life changing.


Our initial phone call is essentially the consultation for stand-alone coaching.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll schedule 3 phone sessions, each lasting 50 minutes.
  • Each series of 3 sessions is completed within a month; the day and time chosen is mutually agreed upon.
  • Prior to the first session, you’ll complete and send back information forms that I send after the consultation.
  • Payment is required prior to each series of 3 sessions.
  • You initiate the call for the session.
  • You decide the topic for each call. There’s a Call Prep form that can help you with this.
  • You identify what action steps you want to take in between our calls.
  • We review those actions, what worked, and what may have gotten in the way

I want to know how I can best support you on this journey therefore you can email or text me in between sessions as needed. The benefits of coaching are realized over a period of time, so I suggest committing to a minimum three-month period to achieve significant gains.

Combination Hands-On & Coaching:

This is a blend of both disciplines and is available two ways:

1. In person, at the beginning and/or at the end of a hands-on session we do coaching together. This affords you the “best of both” services in your own space and if appropriate during the hands-on session, we may do some “spot” coaching as well.
2. Another option is to have phone coaching sessions in between hands-on sessions. These calls help hold you accountable and offer you the opportunity to create even deeper awareness of your organizational challenges than hands-on only sessions may provide.

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